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Now it’s thirteen – Airo Hybrid for UP Group in Switzerland

Now it’s thirteen – Airo Hybrid for UP Group in Switzerland

The Swiss aerial platform rental company UP Group takes over a package of 13 Airo platforms.

The Swiss market is certainly a pioneer in the trend towards electrification of aerial platforms.

Both the UP Group and the Italian platoform manufacturer Airo have always been positive about this development.

The 13-unit package includes the new generation of A18JRTH PLUS articulated telescopic platforms, introduced a few months ago, and the V10E mast platform.

The new Airo generation of 18m A18JRTH PLUS articulated telescopes offers a number of unique selling points that convinced the UP Group to purchase them:

– Hybrid version with Li-Ion battery and a 14kW diesel range extender: the Li-Ion battery pack can be recharged during operation or unattended. In about 2h with the Supercharger function it can be completely recharged. Depending on the type and purpose of use, the A18JRTH PLUS can be used purely “ELECTRIC” or in the “HYBRID AUTOMATIC” function.

– High basket load of up to 400kg including 3 persons,

– 18.45m working height, up to 9.8m lateral outreach with a pivot point of 8.4m

– large basket with 3 entries and 1.8m or optionally 2.4m width

– Highly efficient mechanical axle drive with self-locking differential 4WD, 4WS, and swing axle

– Simultaneous proportional control with individual control levers for each joint movement

– The ground control includes a large, clearly arranged touch display including error diagnostics, language settings, etc.

The A18JRTH PLUS is also available as pure diesel unit A18JRTD PLUS

Airo’s V10E mast platform convinced UP Group with its generous control panel, whereby individual control levers for each proportional movement contribute to intuitive and ergonomic platform control. The compact dimensions guarantee problem-free doorway access at a height of 1.99m and width of 0.998m. The 9.86m working height is completed by the best-in-class lateral outreach of 3.3m. Diagnostic display and maintenance-free AC electric traction motors are also included as standard, as well as an electrically operated, central electrolyte filling of the battery. Of course, with so much technology, a healthy amount of instruction and training is required despite the ease of maintenance. That’s why when the UP Group took delivery of the units in July, their service staff, technical management and sales staff were extensively trained both in Switzerland and at the Airo Luzzara factory.

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