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AIRO’s market presence is given by a consolidated and experienced dealer network, dealers that are promoting the sale of the AIRO brand and provide assistance to the Airo products.


AIRO’s corporate structure has gradually created the optimal conditions for implementing and consolidating a correct sales policy over time.


The organization foresees a rationalization of the methods through expert and consolidated sellers. These have received and constantly receive training to become real “Professionals in Height”, capable of advising and organizing targeted, valuable and economically balanced purchases.


The AIRO sales organization implements and agrees with the buyer all the necessary practices for this type of product and defines the delivery times and the details of the logistics in order to provide a complete service.

After Sales

AIRO has always considered the after-sales as a fundamental service to support & consolidate growth. In addition to providing direct phone support, AIRO has a network of companies located in different areas of the globe, specialized in providing a fast and effective service to AIRO customers in the AIRO world.

Spare Parts Warehouse

AIRO has a large spare parts warehouse to quickly meet customer requirements. In addition, it has recently added an online spare parts ordering portal to support customers.

360° Training

Commercial Training

Dedicated to Airo dealers in order to train sales teams on the product sales, the training sessions are carried out exclusively by AIRO area managers.

Technical Training

Dedicated to the technicians of dealers and customers, the trainings are carried out by AIRO qualified technical experts and are divided into 3 types: basic, advanced or refresher level, depending on the skills and technical background of the participants.

IPAF Training

AIRO is accredited IPAF training centre; IPAF is the most important and recognized body in the world providing operator training for the safe use MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms).